The Agony & The Ecstasy


The Production
The show is the story of rave, it’s musical and social origins, the personal stories from the DJs and promoters, with a series of dramatisations and original archive material to add vibrant colour to the films, all set to the authentic soundtrack of the time. Led by four of the biggest names in Dance music, each themed episode documents the events surrounding the parties, the music and the ravers themselves.


Episode 1: A Perfect Storm
Presented by Norman Jay MBE

Norman Jay MBE, the king of sound systems, a pirate radio originator, and a man awarded an MBE for his services to music talks to us about what music and freedom of expression means to people, and how rave music’s turbulent origins shaped a scene that went from illegal parties to a global industry. The global reach of the rave scene is illustrated by international contributors such as Roger Sanchez and DJ Alfredo, and the roots of the uk scene is represented by Danny Rampling, Graeme Park and Judge Jules amongst 36 key current dance music names and greats from raves eventful history.


Episode 2: Party people vs The Establishment
Presented by Goldie

“I like going against the grain, do you mind, the revolution is now in full flow, I don’t lie, I tell it straight”
The enigmantic DJ, Producer and artist Goldie presented episode two and brought a different type of energy to the camera. The theme of confrontation and struggle between authority and the rave scene is something he really connects with. The 27 contributors give candid accounts of their own personal struggles, successes and indulgences with the music always coming forward as the driving force.


Episode 3: From Rave to Riches
Presented by Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold is a superstar DJ whose musical knowledge and experience goes far beyond the tracks he is best known for. His own music and music he has produced is a part of peoples daily lives, his commitment and a wealth of experience are the reason he sits at the top of a global music empire worth millions. In this episode Paul and the contributors map out the way they got started, the success story that spawned clubs, parties and music genres across the world.


Episode 4: The Afterparty Playlist
Presented by Dave Pearce

One of the greatest parts of making a music documentary is choosing the soundtrack, and for the other episodes we dug deep into the bag. Episode 4 however focuses on the classics, the bangers that got everyone up back in the day and still get played regularly now. Dave Pearce presents 20 most influential tracks and the DJ’s remember the first times and best times those tracks have given them.


Production Team

Debbie Lee – Executive Producer

Ed Coleman – Director

Michael Martin – Producer

Craig Herd – DoP


Sky Arts


August 11, 2017